Hey. I’m Electric Girl. Yes. Well, my name starts with an E anyway, and everyone needs a new handle once in awhile.

I’m 31 years old. Originally from Sacramento, CA. I went to Uni in Poli Sci and Women’s Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (GO TARHEELS)!
My whole life I’ve wished I lived in North Beach, San Francisco; but I’m only 80 miles away.  I live in an apartment on the outskirts of Sacramento.

I’ve been a S.F. Giants fan since I was as little as I can remember. 1986 was probably the first year I remember. I was in love with Matt Williams, and in 1990, I got to sit out behind Center Field at Candlestick, and he hit a home run and I think my life was bliss in that moment. I am OBSESSED and there will be sports talk here. Also talk about sickness, disability, university, bad times, and good times. And the times I’m bored, waiting for Chronicle Live, or the Pregame show, or THE GAME ITSELF.

My only other obsession that is just as bad (actually WAY worse) is with the Dave Matthews Band. Also Harry Potter. Don’t mock.  Harry TOTALLY SAVED MY LIFE. True story.

Off days hurt my heart. [I just had a heart-to-heart about the 9-2 loss to the Twins, with my maintenance man. He said we should have brought in the freak. Okay, he doesn’t understand pitcher rotation, and Tim is pitching TOMORROW. Leave his arm alone!!]

I’m a hippie. I got that from my parents. Every picture of me from when I was younger, I’m wearing a rainbow shirt. I’m an active über-feminist, and I believe in equal rights and respect and love for people on every spectrum. Except Weeks, cause he’s a smug little bastard. And he plays for the A’s. I HATE the A’s. I play guitar, a little piano, I sing. I’m looking for a start-up band to sing with. I want to be all kinds of things when I grow up.

I’m also a hockey fan (Pittsburgh Penguins, Colorado Avalanche, and now that I’m back on the Best Coast, I’m going to TRY to watch Sharks games, just so I can watch HOCKEY. A LOT). I’m a teetering basketball fan (Sacramento Kings), and my love for the Pittsburgh Steelers was lost with that whole Roethlisberger
thing. I’m also a Pirates fan. All the Pittsburgh is because of my mother, who was born in Western PA.

My family is somewhat of a big deal to me. I may be posting about them. I’ll cut posts and trigger warn if they’re necessary.

My favourite number is 77. I like 55, too. I don’t believe in State Marriages. My thesis for WS was about the effect of patriarchy on pre-op M>F transexuals. My Poli Sci thesis was on the femicides in Ciudad Juarez and their relationship to the practise of machismo. I can be a hell of a wall in a fight. I’m scrappy and argumentative.

My favourite book is Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Anne of Green Gables is up there, too.
Favourite movie: Boondock Saints and Princess Bride.
Favourite song: Northern Sky by Nick Drake, but don’t tell anyone about my obsession with Dancing With Myself. Electric Feel by MGMT, obviously, as well.
Favourite food: Homemade soup. I’m a total vegan.
Favourite  TV Show: Right now, obviously, Doctor Who

Got any questions? Let me know!


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  1. finally, your blog your stream of thoughts your river of emotions your self
    love, your old crone

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