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Baseball Thursday


This is San Francisco Giants’ outfielder Cody Ross. Cody is fierce, enjoys bubblegum and, with Uncorked for a Cause, is releasing his own WINE this year. OH YEAH, you think you can handle Cody Ross? Well, Cody Ross is Boss, so that will probably not happen. One time, Jimmy Fallon said he looked like a Chuckie doll who found Jesus. His dad was a professional bull rider. SO HE IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. When he was little, he wanted to be a Rodeo Clown. He is married to this chick named Summer and they have ADORABLE children. I bet your ugly ass can’t make adorable children like Cody’s can. His son is Hudson Ross. Hudson Ross is a bad ass baseball player. Just like his dad. He is only, like, four. CAN YOU SAY THAT? THAT YOUR DAD WAS A BULLRIDER AND YOUR SON IS ALREADY BETTER THAN EVERYONE ON THE PHILLIES?

This classy, suave motherfucker is from New Mexico, so you know he’s the real deal. We signed him last year (fuck that person who said I couldn’t refer to the Giants as “we”) toward the end of the regular season and he was like, MVP right away and shit. SO AWESOME. Cody likes practical jokes, long walks on the beach and screwing with Aubrey Huff’s mind. Whenever you see him, he is chewing bubble gum and grinning.

His batting stance is also AMAZING, because he acts like he is a very long and immovable stick in the batter’s box. Watch him bat. Tell me if he ever curves his body in any way.

And this mother fucker is so fly, like, everyone, including your grandma, wants to be him. Yes, he is amazing. He’s had a little slump this year, but he’s finding his way back. AND THE MOTHER FUCKER HAS HIS OWN WINE.





Oh Yeah, It Sure Is Fine, Blow My Mind


I was at the Giants/Padres game last night.

I think about baseball a lot (obviously), about why I’m a fan, why I love it so much, what it does to my heart and face and how happy it can make me.

But last night, I watched the GAME. I didn’t think. I stood. From the 5th, I was standing up, trying not to let my eyes miss anything. My best friend was there, too. And we both got sprayed by the mist of MAGIC that hits you when you come out at club level. When you walk up the ramps and see the Ted Williams quote. And the Shot Heard Round the World…

Yes, I saw Zito record 7 Ks. I saw them put the Ks up myself. With my own eyes. I saw the run that put San Diego on the board. Yes. I saw Wilson pitch last night. And he really was NASTY about it. His first pitch off the mound was a ball, so I was, of course, waiting for him to give up a HR and tie the game (as USUAL ;)). But that’s not the way it happened.

I saw Little Bo Peep (or Whitey, or Whiteside or Eli if you’d rather) hit that homer with my own two eyes. Right in front of me. I saw Panda keep the streak alive. I FREAKED OUT when we went up in the count. I was watching every ball and strike, just like I do here at home, but through MY eyes, not a camera. Not a zoom lens. Back in the farthest back seats they have available (Thanks, Cainer, for the 1000K that got us 10$ seats). I did not care. I didn’t care when I was ten and sitting back in Center Field at Candlestick. Watching Matt Williams hit a home run at that game was like… kryptonite. But the good kind. The kind that makes Superman stronger. This game.. didn’t disappoint my memories.

I saw amazing plays in the In and Out field. I didn’t worry so much about our offense. I was just THERE. Plus, we’ve got some catchers with BATS all of a sudden. Nice to see with Buster out. GRATUITOUS I MISS BUSTER. Whiteside’s been growing on me. His walk on song, as the BFF pointed out (it’s on the list on the Giants official page) is Ocean by Led Zeppelin, and we rocked out to that every time he came up. When they put Andres Torres in the game, Andres who had proven his “Gazelle” nickname one more impressive time the night before against the VISA ad out in right-center, I mean…

And the fans, when Brian Wilson got out there to start prepping for the ninth, we were taking horrible photos and there was a lot of screaming. When he walked from there to the pitcher’s mound, I think everyone at the park was screaming. When we won, I was so excited, breathless, out of my MIND happy, I didn’t even see him cross himself. There they came spilling out of the dugout with 5’s and hugs and Tim Lincecum, wearing a short sleeve shirt.

At batting practice, when we sat up closer (moderately), I am not ashamed to say that the first person I recognised was Jon Miller. Second was Bochy. 🙂 Actually when I think about it, it’s pretty damned cool. This was also the only time we got to see Cody Ross, whom I assume is still on the day-to-day. I’d have loved to see him, but it DIDN’T MATTER.

I saw AT&T Park. I saw ships docked and boats on McCovey Cove. I saw the Willie Mays statue. The palm trees. I went to my second Giants game ever yesterday. At a new place, and with new players, but with that same euphoria every baseball fan feels when their boys come out to play.

It’s time to play for us, too.


How I spent my yesterday. Can’t get the right light with Photo Booth, but that’s two pages of scoring for the night game (I decided to keep track of Barry’s pitching), and a page from the morning game.




That Vogelsong Thing


Thinking about it, I bet it has something to do with last year, when Cody Ross started playing and I was all, YOU’RE NOT EVEN A GIANT YET, NOT REALLY!!! STOP MAKING IT LOOK LIKE WE WEREN’T GOOD BEFORE YOU!!!

That’s kinda how I act with Vogelsong now. I should stop that, right?

Hillbilly Something


I am supposed to be sleeping right now, but since I can’t read out loud, I’m just sort of floating around tumblr and facebook. My nails are too long to type with. I need my finger art so that I can display each particular starting pitchers’ lucky paint on their days. But tomorrow is an off day, so maybe I will take off the flaming pink I put on for Madison Bumgarner.

I could go on about sports. I won’t.

I stayed in the apartment, all weekend, except for when I was out by the pool. I may have gotten a little burned but my trusty cure stops burns cold.

* Come home from the pool/lake/beach/shore/river/bayou/sound
* Take 5-200mg Ibuprofin and drink an entire bottle of water.
* Get in the shower (this is also where you wash the chlorine and ick out of your bikini/shorts/swimsuit/pants, whatever) and loofah everything. Especially the burny places
* Get out, drink more water, watch a movie and NO alcohol. Just lots of water til you go to bed.

This advice may not be true for all applicants. But don’t you want to be an applicant?

Also, wash your hair with something moisturizing. That chlorine’ll mess you RIGHT UP.

Unfortunately, it’s not doing a thing for my fingernails, which, sans paint, still look like I’ve got a fungal infection. THANKS SINFUL COLORS for that SMASHINGLY YELLOW FADING ORANGE NAIL POLISH.

Tomorrow I am going to make up a dance to a Brooks and Dunn song. And then another dance to Electric Feel. Then I’m going to teach my roommate both of them. Tonight i figured out how to like, I think it was two-step, and then I led her around, cause I always have to be the guy. These won’t be those kind of dances. These will be CHOREOGRAPHED! Probably with the aid of some advice from the Thriller danxce instruction on YouTube for the MJ Memorial Flash Mob in Atlanta over the weekend. I WAS NOT THERE. I THINK ONE OF MY BFFs WENT, CAUSE SHE LIVES THERE. We also both spent the afternoon following our other HS BFF who was having a baby via Facebook, until she got to 7cm. Then Jon realised this was maybe not too smart.


You never know.

I never promised there wouldn’t be video here.

Baseball Is: Superstition


Yesterday, we won. My fingernails were orange, silver and black.

The previous few games I was wearing all orange.

I started to paint my  nails orange and then realised that they can NEVER be just orange again!

Like how Cody started playing better when he took the Tribute to Zito socks off? I know Zito’s back, but this is what I’m talking about.



Let's Try This!